Formwork Accessories

Produced from a high tensile steel with a screw thread (deformation conforming to ASTMA 618 for reinforcing steel bars).

DiameterNet 17mm
Weight per Meter1.44kg
Approx. failing load191kN
Max. safe workload127kN


Wing Nut

Waler Plate
Type: Standard Heavy Duty

Tie Bar

Length (m)

Thruty Sleeve

A rigid PVC tube of 2mm wall thickness, supplied in 2 metre lengths which can be easily cut to the required size. It is used as an expandable sleeve over tie bolts, facilitating their removal and also acting as a spacer to ensure correct width of hall.

Tube i/d o/d14/1820/2422/2626/3032/38

Thruty Cones

Thruty Cones are used at the ends of the Thruty Sleeve and can be easily extracted after removal of the formwork, to form a chamfered recess for subsequent grouting.

Tube i/d mm1420222632

Also available:
Formwork Clamps, Flexible Hose, Adjustable Kickers