Saw Cutting

Our processing facility incorporates two heavy duty Kaltenbach KBS 1301 DG bandsaws. These computer controlled machines are extremely versatile allowing fast and precise cutting of sections up to 1300mm x 700mm at angles from 90 to +/-30 degrees.

These saws can be used in conjunction with our shot-blasting, painting, and drilling lines to produce fully processed structural sections and hollow sections quickly and accurately.

For further details of processing services available, please contact our sales team on 01708 522311.

Working Range

  • 90 degrees – 1300x700mm
  • +/-70 degrees – 1200x700mm
  • +/-60 degrees – 1100x700mm
  • +/-45 degrees – 850x700mm
  • +/-40 degrees – 760x700mm
  • +/-30 degrees – 560x700mm

Minimum material cross section – 50x15mm