Wire Spacers

Dual Purpose supports for spacing bars and fabric in two metre standard lengths.


CodeHeightBundle Size
RSD 5050mm10
RSD 6060mm10
RSD 7070mm10
RSD 8080mm10
RSD 9090mm10
RSD 100100mm10
RSD 120120mm10
RSD 130130mm10
RSD 150150mm10
RSD 160160mm10
RSD 180180mm10
RSD 200200mm10
RSD 220220mm10
RSD 250250mm10
RSD 280280mm10
RSD 300300mm10
RSD 350350mm10
RSD 400400mm10

Circular Spacers
The most economical way of supporting top stell in slabs with a 3.2/3.6m strip bent and tied to form a 1.000/1.100 diameter circle 2-3 per sheet are normally sufficient.

CodeHeightBundle Size
RCS 606020
RCS 757520
RCS 909020
RCS 10510520
RCS 12012020
RCS 13513520
RCS 15015020
RCS 16516520
RCS 18018020
RCS 20020020